To my readers: I am in the process of doing a massive update to the blog after a year-long hiatus. Stay tuned for images from Belgium, Scotland, Germany, Israel, and Chile!


Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Emily Berkson and I am a quarter-century old amateur astronomer, wanna-be photographer, professional student and weekend explorer.

After obtaining a BSc in Astronomy from the University of Arizona, I moved to live and work in Hawaii for the better part of a year. I started the blog so friends and family could keep up with my experiences, and three years later I’m still moving and still writing, now as a graduate student. I’ve lived in Laurel/College Park, MD; Tucson, AZ; Hilo, HI; Rochester, NY; Los Alamos, NM; and St. Louis, MO. I have a limited time to explore and experience most of these places, so I try to make the most of it, and this blog shows some of that! Please explore, and feel free to leave a comment or share a page!

– Emily (Last Updated 04/01/2017)

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Like your introduction, comprehensive and flowing with interesting points. I overlooked this and ‘Favorite Images’ when I started reading your blog, better late than never. :o)

    • Hi Crystal!

      I’m sorry this is so belated, but you are more than welcome to use one of these photos on your article if you are still looking. If you do, could you send me a link when it is published? Thanks for visiting!

      – Emily

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