In early 2013 I was given the amazing opportunity to live in Hawaii for four months, and this blog helped me to make the most of it! From June through September I lived on the Big Island and worked for Gemini North Observatory, an eight-meter class telescope located on Mauna Kea. Near the end of my four month stay, I extended my internship until the end of 2013, which gave me an extra three months to explore the island.

At the end of September I met my father and we spent ten days traveling between Maui and Kauai, where I have never been before. And of course, I spent several days on Oahu. Below is a map to get you acquainted with the layout of the Hawaiian Islands and how my travels were arranged.

Credit: http://oos.soest.hawaii.edu/
Credit: http://oos.soest.hawaii.edu/

Day trips I have taken and experiences I have had on each island can be found under the Hawaii menu. To see a sampling of day trips, try visiting these links:

Big Island




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