Israel! The furthest east I’ve been! After visiting Scotland and a quick stop in Brussels, I made my way to Israel to meet my boyfriend’s family for the first time. I already knew I loved the deserts of the US Southwest, so I was excited to see the landscape here. Over a two-week visit I got the Israel crash-course, traveling everywhere from the southern tip to the Dead Sea to the great north. I even managed to fit in the holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur (during which it is illegal to drive on any road), and Sukkot. In addition to seeing the deserts, one of my primary goals was finding some awesome camels, because I love animals, so it was a great delight to find roadside camels on one of our last days in the country. After warning me of their fondness for spitting, the shepherd was kind enough to let me approach them.

Roadside camels on the way to the Dead Sea.

Below is a list of postings I’ll be making in the coming weeks; I will update the links as the pages become active.


Tel Aviv


Masada and the Dead Sea

Journey to Eilat



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