Looking out over Canyon de Chelly before hiking down.
Looking out over Canyon de Chelly before hiking down.

The great thing about going to school in Arizona is all of the amazing opportunities for travel there are! Specifically, there are a multitude of national and state parks in every direction. The Wikipedia of United States National Parks lists only three national parks in Arizona: the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest and Saguaro National Park. However, the National Park Service website lists 22 National Parks in the state of Arizona. Presumably, the National Park Service is correct, but I’ll refrain from making distinctions in the future.

Since I live in Arizona, this section won’t be compiled as a list of day trips like Hawaii is, but rather a list of day to several-day trips. Even though I’ve spent my past four years in Arizona, there are still a couple of places I’d like to see, in particular the Grand Canyon (again), and something not nearly as well known in Page.

I’ve driven from the east side to the west side, from the south end to northeast and northwest state boundaries. Below is a map to get you acquainted with the state of Arizona, and it’s the map I’ll be using to show driving routes from Tucson.


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